5 cone sampler package of our own fresh made EARTH resin incense made with charcoal cone, fragrance oils and natural aromatic botanicals.

cone EARTH resin incense sampler

sampler options
  • #1 - dragon's blood, frankincense, myrrh, frank-n-myrrh, amber

    #2 - violet moon {violet, oppopponax, red sandalwood}, solar flare   

          {frankincense, orange, juniper, cinnamon}, benzoin, sandalwood,

           King Balthazar {white sage, frankincense, dragon's blood}

    #3 - white sage, desert sage, sweetgrass, gold copal, dark copal

    #4 - cedar, juniper, fir balsam, pinon, cypress

         quintessence incense
             "FOR THE ADEPT"